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Welcome To The

World Gospel Mission

Welcome to our efforts to partner with dedicated Christians around the world who desire to preach the gospel to the world. The purpose of the WORLD GOSPEL MISSION (WGM) page of this website is to offer to evangelistic disciples throughout the world materials that would both encourage and aid in the preaching (Mark 16:15,16) and teaching (Romans 1:13- 16) of the gospel. We offer four aids that can be linked through this page that will help everyone
to accomplish the purpose teaching the gospel.
1. WORLD GOSPEL BOOK: The World Gospel Book was written and designed to be downloaded and shared through emails and Facebook with friends of faith around the world. Though hundreds of thousands of copies of this book have been printed and circulated worldwide, this e-book edition is now available for downloading and distribution throughthe Internet. This book contains the gospel according to John, and a road map of teaching through the fundamentals of the gospel.
2. WORLD GOSPEL E-BOOK PRINTER’S EDITION: There may be those who would want to print the WGM book locally. If so, then use the preceding PDF copies of the World Gospel Book, Finding the Priceless Pearl.  The PDF cover can be accessed below:
3. WORLD GOSPEL CHART: This chart has been formatted for A4 paper. It can be downloaded and printed out front and back, cut to A5, and then distributed during gospel campaigns. The chart is an expository explanation of 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and Romans 6:3-6.
WGM Chart.jpg
4. WORLD GOSPEL TEACHING OUTLINE: We encourage everyone to use this outlined study of the gospel in order to follow the example of Paul who desired to go to the Roman disciples in order to instruct them further in the gospel (See Romans 1:13-16). This material can also be an outlined study for preaching or teaching several lessons on the gospel.  It is our prayer that the preceding materials will aid you in being a more effective disciple of Jesus in preaching and teaching the gospel. In order to enhance your study of the gospel, we encourage you to download and read the following books from the Biblical Research Library:
WGM Teach Outline.jpg
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